Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturday Stitch Along - More Progress on October

Some progress was made on the October theme from the Prairie Schooler leaflet
Spring and Fall
I had hoped to be done by now, but haven't had nearly the time to sit and stitch like I want to, that's a familiar refrain stitchers can empathize with right?
This is part of a Saturday SAL that I'm participating in with Debbie and Linda!


  1. Wow Rosemary. Great progress. I think I should send you mine to work on. I don't seem to be making much progress on them.


  2. Linda - you have so many projects and a good reason that you weren't doing a lot of stitching. I'm in awe of all the work you and Debbie do on your stitching!

  3. This October month sure looks like a fun one to stitch! I'm still on June but looking forward to every new month!

  4. Hello

    Just found your blog and became a follower.
    Your project looks lovely.
    Happy stitching!

  5. I don't come over here enough Rosemary, but when I do, I always love what I find! Terrific cat-scares the ___ out of me, that's for sure!

  6. Hi Rosemary. Love your cross stitching! I used to cross stitch years ago but nothing like your beautiful work! :) thank you for the very sweet comment you have left on my blog. I read them and they are much appreciated. Hugs, Candy