Sunday, July 22, 2012

July's IHSW - A Saturday SAL Finish and a Start

Well, it is already the IHSW time for July - I know, where has the entire year gone????

This weekend I am going to try and eke out a teeny bit of stitching time, I'm in the midst of a major clean, purge, and organize binge.  I have big plans for a home decor makover.  Woo hoo.

But I also want to stitch...a lot....

It's Saturday and that's when I work on Prairie Schooler projects as part of a SAL with Debbie and Linda, so let's see what I finished working on last weekend.  The August motif from the Summer and Winter Prairie Schooler leaflet is done.  Haven't made this into anything but like the way it turned out, this was fun with all the color changes and cute critters.

So, for the IHSW I am proposing that I'll make progress on a start - the September motif from the Prairie Schooler Spring and Fall.  This is what little I accomplished this morning.  Wayyyyy too early this morning. 

What?  You can't tell what it is?  I'm shocked (snicker).  It's obviously the flank of the little squirrel.  Still don't see it?  Okay, I'll sneak you a peek at what it is going to look like.

See?  Of course, you do.

Here's my helpful assistant, whom you can only see a glimpse of in the first photo.  His name is Taz and he's a Bengal and quite sure he is actually a Marine on temporary furlough.  He is short haired and quite a daredevil (some might call him reckless, but he believes he is simply very brave).  The ladies all love him too). 

 Thanks for coming by and I hope you are able to participate in the IHSW this weekend!


  1. Hello Rosemary

    I love your finish, the snail is so sweet!
    Your start is lovely too!

    Love Taz he is a very handsome assistant indeed!
    Hope you have a good week.

  2. Beautiful stitching!

    I'm hermitting too! :D


  3. Lovely finish and a great start.
    Very good-looking assistant there too!

  4. Congrats on anothe great finish Rosemary. And another start. I give up!!! I'm never goin catch up with you. I just found out my artery in the left side of my neck is 90% blocked and I have to have surgery. I don't know how much I will be on computer for the next few weeks. Will be back when I can. Keep on stitchin those months. lol


  5. Nice finish! And start! I know you'll have September finished in no time at all. And I love your brave and dashing assistant. Greg is jealous. He'd love to have a Bengal.

  6. Hi just found your blog, great stitching.

  7. Love your Prairie Schooler projects! And Taz is quite handsome!

  8. Hello Rosemary,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog with your kind comment. I appreciate it.
    I've enjoyed looking around on your blog and I see you like the Prairie Schooler Designs. I'm a fan too. LOL.
    TFS your humble progress on your IHSW piece you worked on and I am certain you will get it finished very soon; just keep at it.

  9. That's a lovely finish and it's nice to see a start as well. Love your assistant! I have a couple of feline helpers myself.

  10. The August design looks wonderful! I'm still dragging along behind you, stitching on the May design. I love the photos of your cat!

  11. Hello

    Just found your blog through Daffycat's blog.

    Your PS finish is lovely!

    Taz is adorable!

  12. Hello

    Just found your blog and become a follower.

    Your PS finish is lovely.

    Taz is such a sweetie!

  13. I had a lot of fun with the seasons challenge this week. I loved it! I love all your stitching projects. How awesome that you are so multi talented and so crafty! Love seeing your creations in all your adventures!

    Have a great week!!!