Sunday, July 15, 2012

Opus Gluei challenge - Where do you get your suntan?

Over at Opus Gluei, a fun craft challenge blog in which we come up with a theme every two weeks and post it with our creations and then challenge YOU to create something the theme inspires in YOU!  We love to see a range of artistic creations - from scrapbooking, paper crafting, wood, blogging, cooking, and yep - stitching!

This challenge (#135), created by the lovely Gini, is asking you where do you get your suntan?  Oooh la la....this could get cheeky eh?

Well, perhaps you are a gardener and you've got the farmer's tan to prove it!  Well, take some photos and write a blog post and then link it up.  Do you have some summer birthdays you are making cards for?  Perfect.  If you're a stitcher and like to make fingertip towels with a summer/beachy theme - let's see them!  Everything and anything that you're inspired to make, we want to see...pretty please?

Okay, for the challenge, I used a little quickie pattern that was included with the main project - from the Cross Eyed Cricket entitled "Sams and Stripes."  Look at those cute Uncle Sams.  That's another of my someday projects.  I stitched the little angel pictured on the cover at the bottom right.  she's an August Angel and I like to call her Aggie. 

Here's a little better look at her - uh oh, look out for the crab!!!!

She's got a cute little look about her that reminds me of motifs my Mom made on guest towels when she was in high school.  Kind of retro-ish and she's got that old timey swimsuit on and real glittery (water) wings, and I really don't have that many non-Independence Day summery decorating items so there you go.  Selected, stitched, finished, and displayed.  WHEW!  All in a week.  voila

So, after all this, you just have to check the Order of the Opus Gluei out and see if you feel inspired to create something stitchy for us to see!


  1. Congrats on the finish finish. Aggie is adorable.


  2. Hello

    Thank for following my blog.
    Your stitching is lovely, so sweet!

  3. She's so cute. My wife does cross stitching, but I wouldn't know where to stat. Blessings!