Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Works in Progress Wednesday

well, I have actually made some progress on my projects. 

Forgive the lousy photography, I am doing this past my bedtime...

First up is the project from My Big Toe - there are still buttons for it but I'm not
sure I'm going to get them - I think I like it this way, but hmmm....

and I'm making good progress on the June project from The Prairie Schooler's Summer and Winter, the colors are a little bland compared to May, but the design is pretty nice.  It is a red winged blackbird feeding a worm to her chicks.  Unfortunately, she doesn't have a mouth right now to be holding the worm...

What are you working on???


  1. Oh Rosemary, you're zipping right along with the PS monthly designs! Thanks for being a great inspiration. I'm finishing a few things and then will jump right back into our Saturday SAL!

  2. LOVE both of these. I especially love that varigated floss that you used on the first one. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. If I were the momma bird, I would not want you to put that worm in my mouth. But that's just me. LOL

  3. Both are looking good Rosemary. You are sorta way ahead of us, but we will hopefully catch up. Love the PS June.


  4. Hi

    Lovely stitching!

    I'm working on a turtle card.

  5. Those are lovely little pieces, sometimes I don't think we need all the extras that designers intend... buttons, charms and bling.

    I'm working on several projects right now but at the moment I've kidna got my eye on finishing up Snow white from LHN