Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Stitch Along - A Finish and a Start!

I have my Prairie Schooler stitch along that I'm doing with Debbie and Linda.

As you may have read, June has been vexing me....a lot.

Now I may rejoice - it's done!  It's really a cute design, and since it's done, I'm not NEARLY as frustrated.

In the spirit of this, I started July, I really would like to get one done in time to finish it completely and use it.  Is that too much to ask? (apparently)  I think you also have a pretty good idea of the July theme too...

Interesting little story to pass along, I was sitting in the surgical waiting area as Mom had another procedure and was stitching on the June piece when a Vietnamese man struck up a conversation.  His mother used to cross stitch and he operates a mechanical embroidery machine.  He went out and brought in samples of the logos he does, they were really well done and we had such a nice conversation.  I learned about the intricacies of machine embroidery and he was interested in learning how different fabrics yield different results - not unlike is own work.  The time passed so pleasantly and quickly.  I love how many conversations can be started with people expressing an interest in a stitching project.

Monday, June 18, 2012

IHSW - June 2012

The June design of the Summer/Winter Prairie Schooler leaflet is vexing me. I had made SUCH good progress at the start and then somewhere, and I looked and looked, frogged and restitched and then....just could not figure out what was going wrong.

(insert very cross words and potentially some cursing)

Whew, okay, regroup.  Ever been so frustrated that you either have to put the stitching away, throw it away, or restart.  I did all three in sequence. 

Now, I've restarted.  So, this past weekend I decided to make a new start of the chart.

Here's the progress I made.

So far, no pulling out stitches and no headaches. 

But I'll be very happy when this one is done, and I hope that is soon.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Finish

Well, I actually did have the buttons in my kit to complete

the My Big Toe design

and they look good

(the ladybug looking crooked will be fixed).

Now, I just need to get the pile of finishes truly finished

by getting them framed!

What are YOU working on?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Works in Progress Wednesday

well, I have actually made some progress on my projects. 

Forgive the lousy photography, I am doing this past my bedtime...

First up is the project from My Big Toe - there are still buttons for it but I'm not
sure I'm going to get them - I think I like it this way, but hmmm....

and I'm making good progress on the June project from The Prairie Schooler's Summer and Winter, the colors are a little bland compared to May, but the design is pretty nice.  It is a red winged blackbird feeding a worm to her chicks.  Unfortunately, she doesn't have a mouth right now to be holding the worm...

What are you working on???