Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The turkey has flown the coop, but I have a lovely owl that is coming along nicely

Long time no blog.   But I've returned with a status report on a missing turkey and a new fall project.

I fear I may never find Tom Turkey from my November Prairie Schooler.  Just not sure if I have the time or inclination for ALL THAT BROWN again.  

So, instead, I pulled out a 2012 stitching magazine and began working on my whimsical owl.

I think he is dashing, all colorful and roly poly.

Here's where he stands now - getting there.  I hope to get some time in for stitching over the long weekend as I'd love to drop him off with a bunch of fall-themed projects that are done and sitting in a box awaiting framing.  

The remainder includes a few quick stars, filling in the moon, it stops at roughly a half moon, Owliver's body, and then glorious pumpkins along the bottom.  Sounds like a lot but could be stitched like mad and finished before summer is officially over in mid-September!