Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Progress - IHWS recap

First, an update on my progress with the November Prairie Schooler, from the Spring and Fall leaflet.  This is a SAL with Debbie and Linda, I'm kind of ahead but then again I don't have nearly as many works in progress as these talented ladies.  With December, January, and February to go, I may have to try and talk them into another Prairie Schooler SAL project!

November has been fun, I can say that now that I've finished stitching color 3031, that was getting tedious. 
So Mr. Tom Turkey has his main feathers and the end is in sight. 

 I've also been working on a bib for my little great nephew, Dalton.  He's getting more and more adorable each day.  I have the distinct feeling that I'll be stitching and showing many more bibs for the little guy!
  This is the chart that came with the bib and it will have three pastel elephants frolicking amongst stars and hearts.  It definitely makes me smile as I work on it!

The kittens are doing very well; they have entered the household and Taz seems to enjoy their presence quite a bit.  We guess that they are roughly about 3-4 months old.  Arya was the first out the door when we decided to integrate them into the general day to day things, whereas Molly is still sticking around the comfy old chair.  Why fix what isn't broken eh?

So, what did you work on this past holiday/IHS(W) weekend?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Yes, I'm still making Prairie Schoolers!

Okay, so post-IHSW I didn't finish the Happiness ornament for my friend Yi.  SIGH

So, maybe it will be a Christmas present?  Then I'm already ahead of schedule!  Yes, make lemonade from lemons.

But I can share that I'm making solid progress on the Prairie Schooler Spring and Fall leaflet.  I'm getting further along with the November turkey.  This is a SAL that I was working on with Debbie and Linda in 2012.  When I finish this one, I am done with this leaflet.  Then I only have December - February in the Prairie Schooler Winter and Summer and they will all be done.  The only one truly "finished" in a usable form is July, but won't it be fun to finish all the others too?  Yep, and maybe I'll make them doorknob hangers or perhaps each with be something unique.  Maybe a few framed for those seasons when I am light on decorations. Maybe ornaments, or in a wreath....the possibilities are kind of cool to contemplate.

So, here's November in progress.  I am in agreement with Linda that the colors as they really are and how they photograph on the leaflet are different.  The in person colors are a bit darker, but they are working for me and I like them.

I've also got fun news - my niece had her first child, my first great nephew, and I was able to be there for the birth.  It was more of a miracle than I could have expected, and I was so overwhelmed with love and awe that it still gives me a shiver.  He is gorgeous, absolutely GORGEOUS!

Forgive how awful I look - I'd been up 20+ hours but was just so full of energy from the experience that I'm beaming.

We also have adopted two kittens.  They were born to a feral mom and were only semi-feral when we rescued them, they were intended to be fostered by us but who am I kidding?  I needed caring for them to help me bear the loss of Emma.  I think she must be visiting them at night and telling them to be good kittens because they have really been adapting well.  They are much more affectionate and we're trying to get them acclimated enough to join Taz in the everyday home.  Until then, they have a room with a comfy chair, their taming cage, and lots of toys and food.  The taming cage is open and they only go in there now for potty time.  But I keep it for them as a home base, for stability.  We will probably take it down next weekend and put in a cat perch for them to enjoy.

This is Molly.

This is Arya.