Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What's on the Needle Wednesday - WIP - The Satsuma Street Garden Cat continues to blossom

Nothing else aside from Garden Cat is being worked on right now.  Not that I've gotten a lot of time to work on even my Garden Cat.  SIGH, life has intervened.  But that's okay, I still find bits of time here and there to work on it and so I have progress to share.  The bottom is nearly done which would leave just the clouds and sun.  Then finis!

Rosalie the kitten is truly feeling at home now and she's made a good friend in Ben, who really seems to be taken with her.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What's on the Needle WIP Wednesday - Satsuma Street's Garden Cat (Post #2 progress)

I loved kitting up this project, the colors are so happy, so joyous, so darn....COLORFUL!!!!!  They make you smile just seeing them splayed out.  Stitching this on the Irish linen has actually been fun, my only quibble (and it's small, so it's a quibble, smallest on the chain of issues) is that the slight variations in the weft (the crosswise threads) can sometimes make it a larger looking area of a stitch.   But that's not a big deal, hence, a quibble.

Otherwise, I'm just stitching and loving the picture emerging from the end of my needle.

Here's the latest addition to our family, a little rescued calico kitten we've named Rosalie.  She's just 12 weeks old and so sweet, feisty and lovable.  She might be a stitching buddy if she can just get over wanting to capture the needle and thread...her presence has done wonders for our cat Ben, who loves all of her attention, he has a buddy now!