Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hey Remember Me?

Oh, been away far too long
Not a whole lot of stitching going on...
But here I am ready to get right back into it
for the new year.
This is the first IHSW of 2013, no better time
to get to it, eh?
This project is for the Chinese New Year
on February 10
(so I need to get cracking)
and I have chosen a motif from
Celestial Dragon
by Teresa Wentzler
Some day I would like to stitch the entire thing
but for now and for my co-worker
I think this will be nice
I'm going to make a hanging ornament
for her to display on the wall
(if she wants)
It is the motif on the top left
and here's how far I've gotten!

I am making it in red and gold as those colors
are considered lucky in the
Chinese culture
The second share I have is from my Sunday
SAL with Debbie and Linda
Prairie Schooler Summer and Winter
and Spring and Fall
Oh, I was doing so well and then
But October's stitching is done!
My last share is sad news
I announced it on my craft blog so I might
as well here too.
especially since she was my
faithful companion for many a stitching
evening.  Darling Emma is at the
Rainbow Bridge and I miss her terribly.
It was the right decision to make but a
heartbreaking one nonetheless.
She didn't bring any pain to our lives while we had her and I couldn't let her live in any pain.
So, with a bittersweet heart I'm taking on the new year, and I hope and pray it is a good one for all of us.
Will share my progress after the IHSW weekend!