Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A finish - the first of 2015

This was a fast project, needed to be as I dilly dallied thinking I had more time before I took this on.  Which isn't a good idea when it's a  Teresa Wentzler pattern.

This is a freebie entitled, "Celtic Cross," from her blog.  I changed up the colors for this as it was a gift for my niece's confirmation, her confirmation name is Mary and the Blessed Mother is associated with the color blue so hence, this was worked in blues.  I'm finding the best way to change a color scheme is pick out the original choices, then use that color hue selection to make the change with other shades.  The hardest part was couching the gold cord over the finished stitching.  Needed a sharp needle to make these work.  It looks off in terms of the stitching but I do think that's the photography.  That's my story.

She loved it and put the framed piece right on her wall.  Ah, a finish!

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